Monday, July 18, 2011

M is for Monday... and Mojitos!

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot day than an ice cold mojito!  Mojitos are light alcoholic drinks from Cuba and contain only 5 ingredients so they are a breeze to make!  Traditionally they are served in a highball glass, but I was short on them so I used a small wine glass.  I had a very ripe peach that needed to be used, so that went into the drink as well.  They are pretty to serve and tasted just as good as they looked!  While margaritas can pack in 400-500 calories these are much lower in calories and sugar, so you don't need to fret!

Peach Mojito
Serves 1

1 shot of white rum
~ 3 fresh mint sprigs
Sparkling water or seltzer
2 Tbsp lime juice
2 tsp sugar

Muddle the mint in the bottom of the glass to release the oils and fragrance.  Add ice, sugar to the bottom, then the rum, lime juice, and sparkling water.  Garnish with additional fresh mint and enjoy!

Nutrition facts:
~100 calories!

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