Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wine and Cheese Review

Last week I was able to get out of town and up to Shelburne and Burlington, VT to spend my anniversary. Of course we wined and dined on Vermont products and I wanted to review a few products that we tried.

 Boyden Valley Winery Vermont 
Apple Reserve with Neighborly Farms Raw Cheddar

The first night we tried this apple wine from a winery in Cambridge, Vermont.  It is made with apple cider and maple syrup, two of the finest products that Vermont has to offer.  This fruit wine was sweet and tasted mostly of apples, almost like an alcoholic sparkling cider, but not carbonated.  I would serve this as an after-dinner wine served with strawberries or another seasonal fruit.  While we are on the subject, Boyden Valley Winery has a wonderful red table wine, called Big Red Barn.  Although it is a bit more expensive (at about 17$ a bottle, this wine is fabulous with every meal I have had it with.

Neighborly Farms is an all-organic farm from Randolf, Vermont.  They produce raw and pasteurized cheeses in 10 varieties.  Now, I am usually not a proponent for raw dairy products for food safety reasons, regardless, we tried this cheese.  I found that the texture of this cheese turned me off and the flavor was not as sharp as I was expecting (one of my favorite's is still Cabot Seriously Sharp).  Overall I thought that it was overpriced for the flavor and experience we got from it, but it was comforting to know that I was supporting  a small, local farm and was participating in sustainable agriculture.

Overall, I would recommend the wine... but not with this cheese pairing.

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