Saturday, April 13, 2013

Running...My New Found Therapy

Dance has always been my outlet. It wasn't about the physical exercise, calories burned, or the pretty outfits. It was about expressing my emotions without words and a place where I could simply be me.  Unfortunately, my living situation has kept me from keeping up with one of my true passions and I have lost touch recently. Running has (temporarily) taken the place of dance as my therapy.  I don't look forward to it as much as a hard barre class or learning new modern choreography, but it leaves me feeling accomplished. I suppose its' the endorphins running through my body producing that "runners high".

After getting my butt to work at 8am on a Saturday I was feeling like I needed to treat myself when I got out. I was starting to get a craving for sweets and all of the wrong foods and I knew I had to change the situation. Instead of using food as a reward (and likely feeling guilty afterwards) I decided to go on a run. The weather was not perfect, but it wasn't sleeting (like yesterday) so I set off. The longer I ran, the better I felt physically and mentally. I ran my 5 miles and called it quits, but afterwards I felt grounded and accomplished. I realize that my appetite (or cravings) for "bad foods" was not a physical hunger at all, it was emotional. Running took those cravings away... a win-win situation (didn't overeat,  got some exercise, and relieved some stress.

So I must admit that I did reward myself with some new ASICS running shoes afterwards. My running shoes had no support left and were killing my feet and hey, a little retail therapy never hurt. This only made me more excited to continue my journey as a novice runner and I cannot wait to run tomorrow!

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