Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Loving. Body Loving.

Looking back at my calendar the month of July has come and passed. Life has been busy at work and my time off as been full of gardening, hiking, BBQs, and fitting that workout in. Unfortunately blogging has not been on the top of my list, so I apologize to those of you that look forward to the new recipes. There are plenty of delicious meals made, and pictures taken, I just need to sit down and get writing! 

I hope you are all enjoying everything that summer has to offer and are feeling confident in your own skin. Waiting in line at the grocery store it's almost impossible to miss the magazines claiming to help you "lose 10 pounds in 1 week" or "lose 3 inches this week". The constant barrage of diets and diet culture is hard to escape. I work with lots of clients who are trying to lose weight and the presssure they feel seems to multiply in the summer months, leading to drastic changes in thier diet and often pretty much self-starvation or deprivation. Instead of enjoying the beach or outdoor activities they avoid lots of activities because they are body consious or have "body shame".

Summer can often make people self conscious about their bodies, often comparing themselves to others, or even worse the mainstream media. Along with these comparisons comes negative self talk... "I'm too fat", "I hate my stomach", or "I can't wear a bathing suit". This talk can bring feelings of guilt, depression, and can change what you will and won't do or eat as a result of how you perceive yourself. Changing negative self talk can bring a more positive outlook to your life can have a profound effect on mood and if used correctly can be a motivator to make healthy choices. You may find that you are more likely to "do" things when you are less focused on how you may look while doing them.

Most of us are self conscious about something, whether it's the size of our nose, feet, waist, lack of thigh-gap, a unique laugh, you get the point. Learn to embrace what you do love about your body and yourself and focus on those aspects. Work hard to change what you can (physically activities that you enjoy, choosing healthy foods) and aim to be realistic in what is "changeable". We were never intended to all be the same size or shape, but that doesn't mean you can't be healthy. Whether you are in your bathing suit on the beach, wearing short shorts, or are in long pants or a dress I hope that you can feel proud of the body that you are working with. Be active and eat well to have the body that is healthy for you... that doesn't have to be a size two.

As always, feel free to comment or start a discussion about what body loving or body acceptance means to you.

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